The Truth About Discount Settlements and “Free” Giveaways

By David Parker, Esq. QUESTION: Recently, I have seen a number of advertisements from settlement companies offering discounts and free giveaways if you use them for settlement. How do I know if the fees being charged are fair and what do you think about a settlement company giving awa
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Agency Representation of Buyers and Sellers

By David Parker, Esq. QUESTION: I am currently working with a real estate agent as I attempt to locate a new house. The agent has suggested that perhaps she serve as a “buyer’s agent.” I did not realize that there was any difference between a “buyer’s agent&#
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Fair Housing Act and Americans with Disabilities Act – Working Together to Make American Housing Accessible

By Mark Simon, Esq. Disability creates many difficulties and challenges in a person’s day-to-day life including obtaining and keeping meaningful employment, finding appropriate housing, transportation, and even shopping and many other mundane aspects of life that able-bodied people
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The Homestead Tax Credit

Effective January 1, 2008, Maryland has amended its rules regarding the Homestead Tax Credit. This credit or reduced tax is given to owner occupants, as distinguished from investors, who pay a higher tax rate. In addition, the Homestead Tax Credit is used to limit increases over the p
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The Effects of Sub-Prime Market Woes

The trauma in the “sub-prime” mortgage market has obviously spilled over into the “prime” mortgage markets. The demise of a number of “sub-prime” lenders has had a domino effect, threatening the viability of some of our nation’s largest and formerly most successful lende
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A Review of Short Sales

A Realtor called me the other day and described the following scenario. Her client had purchased a town home in the spring of 2005. The client paid a purchase price of $355,000.00. While he was short of cash, the client had a good salary and was able to qualify for 100% financing. Sho
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Avoid Liability for Fraud (Stay Out of Jail)

In today’s tighter real estate market, we are constantly getting calls from buyers, sellers, agents and lenders regarding various “schemes” which they have been told are legal, and they want to use these plans to help get a deal through. We have been shocked by some of the plans
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A Review of the GCAAR Regional Contract – Part 3 of 3

In our last two articles, we discussed Paragraphs One (1) through Seventeen (17) of the recently revised Regional Sales Contract. This will conclude our review of some of the changes and the unique provisions of that Contract. Paragraph 19, Title, affords the Seller the right to termi
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A Review of the GCAAR Regional Contract – Part 2 of 3

In the last newsletter, we reviewed in detail the first ten paragraphs of the Regional Sales Contract. This article continues with a discussion beginning with Paragraph 11 titled, “Financing Application”. This provision requires the purchaser to make written application for financ
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A Review of the GCAAR Regional Contract – Part 1 of 3

The GCAAR Regional Sales Contract was significantly revised effective January 1, 2012. Although it is not the form primarily used in Frederick County, it is a Contract preferred by Realtors in Washington, D. C., Virginia and in some parts of Montgomery County, MD. Agents should unders
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